Are Wooden Spoons Better Than Metal?

The most common types of spoons are available nowadays in the market wood, metal, and plastic. All have their own benefits, pros, and cons but you will notice when you visit a professional chef’s kitchen most of them prefer to use wooden spoons.

On the other hand, some chefs prefer to use metal spoons while cooking in the kitchen. You may prefer those spoons which can stand with high heat, are made of quality and safe material, and most importantly comfortable to use.

After reading this article you won’t ask this question Are Wooden Spoons Better than Metal? Let’s get started:

Can They Handle the Heat?

Metal spoons can burn your hands when they come in contact with high heat but wooden spoons can handle high heat. Another advantage of wooden spoons is they don’t melt if you left them in the pot.

Plastic spoons can start to melt in high heat. Some dishes like soups and sauces these need to stir continuously, wood is a poor conductor of heat means you are safe with wooden utensils. 


Wooden spoons are made of solid material like your home’s furniture, building structure, and other stuff. You can use them daily and even that said they can last for a lifetime but depends on your care as well. Wooden spoons give a great and strong handle to hold and you can do cooking things easily like stirring. Most important they are easy to clean and care for. 

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Retain Flavors

We don’t get the same taste in our tomato sauce as our grandmother tastes and the answer is a spoon. Many chefs believed that these spoons absorb the flavor of the dish and its ingredients, so the taste of their dish remains the same every time. Wood is come from nature and never reacts with your food on the other hand metal utensils can react with highly acidic foods. Also, they can give you a nasty taste in your mouth. 


Plastic and metal utensils are not good for our environment but wooden spoons are made of natural material that doesn’t affect our environment. Other metals and plastic utensils are made of many harmful chemicals that even can’t decompose and damage our ecosystem. And, on the other hand, wooden utensils you can through them and they won’t hurt our ecosystem (they decompose naturally). 

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Comfortable to Use

The grip of wooden spoons is quite comfortable in comparison to metal and plastic spoons. You feel a little uncomfortable if you hold a metal spoon for a longer time. A comfortable grip of a wooden ladle enhances the overall cooking experience that allows you easily stir and hold the spoon better without any uncomfort.  

Leach Harmful Chemicals

Wood has some good quality properties that can kill the germ naturally. In simple words, wood is non-reactive, it won’t leach the harmful chemicals with your recipes or ingredients. Plastic or metal spatulas can leave small pieces of material in your food after a time that is bad for your health. 

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Unique Styles

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One thing you have to consider wooden spoons are available in a unique style. Classic and elegant style spoons will make a great impression in your kitchen (be it a modern kitchen or a traditional one). Also, you can choose any stylish wooden ladle according to your kitchen and requirement. 

Here we talked about some benefits or pros of wooden spoons but let’s take a quick look at the cons of these spoons:

Taught to Clean

Wooden things are kind of hard to clean if you let the food dry on it but you can wash them right away after use. Also, they are not suitable for dishwashers if you let them soak the food. You can use food-grade oil to protect and clean the spoons. 


Wooden spoons are strong but they can break easily if you don’t care about them. Like if you put some heavy ingredients or throw them into the dishwasher there are chances they can break or crack. 

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