How To Clean White Leather Chair

How To Clean White Leather Chair

Fresh air comes from the window and also blows through the entire house. But with this fresh air dust particles also enter and sit on your sofa, bed, T.V., furniture, etc. White furniture especially white chairs or sofa considered a stylish choice that gives your room a glossy and modern look. Also, leather is trendy … Read more

How to Reinforce and Stabilize Bed Frame Slats

How to Reinforce Bed Frame

An unstable bed frame can make you frustrated and especially when you bring a new mattress to your home. Nothing is more disturbing than those wiggle and squeaky sounds when you make sudden movements. Buying a new bed frame and spending hundreds of dollars is not the smart move. There are many other alternative ways … Read more

How to Install a Hanging Chair in Bedroom

How to Install a Hanging Chair

Hanging chairs is always fun for children as well as for adults, to find the best chair for your interior is easy but installation is never an easy task. There are different designs out there in the market from bubble chairs to hammock chairs. The beauty of these chairs is they can be hung in … Read more