How to Make Brown Butter for Pasta and Cookies

How to Make Brown Butter

“Brown butter” this sentence is giving a nutty taste to our minds. Isn’t it? Making brown butter is a simple kitchen task but believe me, it will give you amazing results. So, don’t wait further and take a saucepan, a few sticks of butter, and let’s start cooking. Some professional chefs say “brown butter is … Read more

Which Cutting Board is Best Wood or Plastic?

Which Cutting Board is Best Wood or Plastic

Knives and cutting boards are companions in the kitchen but we don’t give preference to the cutting board. This is the primary workplace where you cut your raw chicken, and chop your onions and tomatoes. The plastic cutting board you may have seen in various colors and wood cutting board in various designs. BUT we … Read more

Are Wooden Spoons Better Than Metal?

Are wooden spoons better than metal

The most common types of spoons are available nowadays in the market wood, metal, and plastic. All have their own benefits, pros, and cons but you will notice when you visit a professional chef’s kitchen most of them prefer to use wooden spoons. On the other hand, some chefs prefer to use metal spoons while … Read more