How to Fix a Squeaky Bed: 5 Easy Ways

How to fix a squeaky bed? You might have this question when you hear unwanted bed sounds when you toss or turn. Noises from bed disturb our minds to fall into a restful sleep.

A strong and sturdy bed starts making noise after a time period. Fixing a squeaky bed can save you a lot of money. If you have kids, every moment when you toss them on the bed it’s a kind of alarm for your kids. 

Find Out Why Your Bed Squeak?

You will not be able to fix your squeaky bed without knowing the root cause. Bed squeaking is the most frustrating and disturbing sound you do not want to hear in your home while rolling on the bed and making love.

A squeaky mattress, squeaky box spring, or squeaky bed frame could be the potential reasons for a squeaky bed.


How to Fix a Squeaky Bed with mattress

As we already talked about squeaky mattresses could be one of the reasons for squeaky beds. Memory foam mattresses usually damage and should be replaced. But if your mattress is not too old that means a little repair can solve your problems.

For innerspring or hybrid beds, lay down on the bed and make moments to test any noise. Replace your mattress entirely if you find any problems. 

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Box Spring

A squeaky box spring is most probably the cause of a squeaky bed. You should take a closer look into the box spring and if you find any problem it can be fixed with a home remedy.

There are hundreds of coils in a single spring box and when coils tingle together, they produce noise. Few of them actually contain original springs.

If your spring box has coils then you should replace the spring box. And, if the spring box does not have coils means there is no problem. 

Bed Frame

When you make sure the mattress and box spring is not making noise then it might be the bed frame. The leading cause of squeaky bed frames is loose bolts and screws.

You must check your bed from top to bottom including the legs, when you find any bolt or screw loose then tight these loose screws with the help of a screwdriver or a wrench. There are many other ways to fix the bed frame issues. 

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How to Fix a Squeaky Bed


How to Fix a Squeaky Bed with Joints

We already discussed bed frames and loose joints and screws are the most common source of squeakiness. This should be your first step to avoid the noises coming from your bed.

Just do simple things with the help of a screwdriver and a wrench, and tighten the loose screws. Another idea is to reduce the noise by adding extra legs to reinforce the bed. But still, you find the noises then you can move to the next steps.

Oil Up on The Joints

Once you find out the noisy location in your bed, use oil from your garage or you can also use vegetable oil and then lubricate the joints that make noise.

But keep this thing in mind that method will work when you have a metal bed frame. Use an old towel or cover the floor before oiling the joints to prevent staining. Also, do not place the mattress back on the bed until the oil has dried. 

Add Cushioning

If you find out that the bed frame is the main cause of squeaking but that not because of bolts and screws. It might be possible this noise coming from friction against another surface like the floor, the mattress, or maybe slats.

The solution for this add cushion between the friction of the surface. If the noise is coming from the box spring, mattress and frame then add a thin fabric between the two objects. Such as old socks, t-shirts, sheets, or kitchen towels. 

Wax on

Once you find the exact location from where the squeak is coming then used soothe it with wax. To identify the exact location of the noise, move slowly across the bed and listen closely to the squeaky noise.

And, when you find out the joints causing the problem then rub a wax candle to that point and get rid of unwanted squeaky noises. 

Purchase a New Bed Frame

All we know beds or other furniture are expensive assets and nobody wants to replace these but when everything is failed then you might go and purchase a new bed frame.

Always choose a bed frame that matches your existing setup. And, this is the best decision to avoid frustrating squeaks to invest in new furniture. 

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