How to Install a Hanging Chair in Bedroom

Hanging chairs is always fun for children as well as for adults, to find the best chair for your interior is easy but installation is never an easy task. There are different designs out there in the market from bubble chairs to hammock chairs.

The beauty of these chairs is they can be hung in the traditional way (chair stand or tree branch), and they can also be hung on the ceiling as well. A hanging chair with a soft fluffy pillow is enough to create a reading or relaxing environment.

One quick and pro tip, before purchasing any hanging chair make sure you choose a place where you want to install that chair in the bedroom or restroom. So, let’s not waste further time and learn how to install a hanging chair in the bedroom. 

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Important Note Before You Get Started

Once you find your desired location in your bedroom or restroom, there must be sufficient space for you and your hanging chair to swing freely. You should measure the distance of surrounding walls before you get started with the hanging process.

The approx. distance between your hanging chair and the surrounding wall should be at least 2 feet away. Make sure you hang the hammock chair on a concrete ceiling or strong joist.

Before you start setting up the hanging chair process keep this thing in your mind that the right hardware and safety are crucial. You can purchase all the necessary hardware from your nearby store.

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Equipment and Material You Will Need

  • Drill & Drill bits
  • S hook
  • Heavy duty rope or Metal chain
  • Screw Eye
  • Hanging Chair
  • Stud Finder
  • Pencil


Step 1: Choose a Hanging Location

How to Install a Hanging Chair 1

Find out a ceiling joist according to your desired location but make sure that the ceiling joist can handle the weight of the chair and the person who is sitting in that.

You can use a stud finder if your ceiling is covered and when you find the joist mark on both sides, the center point of the mark will be your hanging position.

One thing you must consider once you find out the location when you hang the chair it won’t hit any wall or any other object.

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Step 2: Screw Eye Installing

screw eye to make holes

Now, drill small holes in the joist center point of the mark (3 inches deep) with the help of a drill machine. Use screw eye into the small holes to fix it into the ceiling. Make sure you are using a screw eye that can hold a weight of 300 pounds. Always use the small drill bit and then the width of the eye screw. 

Step 3: Chain or Rope Attaching

S hook for hanging chair

Before attaching the chain or rope, attach an S hook or a locking carabiner around the screw eye. Now, give a shape to the chain or rope and shut the mouth of the locking carabiner or S hook.

Adjust the rope or chain to the preferred height. Make sure your chain or rope is connected securely and rated for 300 pounds of weight at least. 

Step: Hang the Chair

Installing the hanging chair

Now, connect one end of the chain or rope to the chair’s hanging tool and another end of the chain or rope to the S hook or carabiner screw eye and shut the connection. Your chair will start hanging freely, check its height. Adjust the height of the chair as per your need. 

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