How to Make Instant Cold Coffee Without Blender and Ice Cream

You’re a tea or coffee person that does not matter, for refreshing your mood in summer a creamy cafe-type cold coffee is perfect.

Isn’t it?

You can make cold coffee at home but making a cafe-type coffee with the same taste is challenging. To make it thicker and creamier, you can add Vanilla ice cream to it.

A cup of thick and creamy sweet-bitter coffee is enough to re-energize your mood and body. Let’s not delay further and learn how to make cold coffee without blender.


Coffee Powder: You’ll need the coffee powder of your choice (any coffee brand which is available at your home.)

Sugar: Use sugar as per your preference like coconut sugar, stevia, sugar-free, or any other sweetener.

Chilled Milk: Any kind of milk is fine for this recipe like soya milk, almond milk, or toned milk if you want to give yourself a treat and don’t care about your calories.

Ice: Lots of it but make sure you don’t add much into it and crook the taste.

Ice-Cream (Optional): You can add any of your choice but I strongly recommend you use Vanilla ice cream.


Step 1: Add some milk into any glass or cup.

Step 2: Now, add coffee powder and sugar into the glass, and stir them well.

Step 3: Add all chilled milk into the glass and mix it well with a spoon or whisk until it starts changing color.

Step 4: Now, add some ice cubes to your coffee and the coffee is ready to serve.

Step 5: Add some ice cream (Optional) to make the coffee thicker and creamy.

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How to Make Cold Coffee Without Blender?

Whisks could be the best option and appropriate tool to mix the thing and it’s also available easily at home.

But it’s not available at your home, don’t worry you can use a spoon to mix. When you add sugar, coffee, and milk into any cup or jar then you will need whisks or a spoon to mix that.

How to Make Cold Coffee With Shaker?

Cold coffee with Shaker
You don’t have a blender at your home? Don’t worry we have an alternative here which is a shaker. Shaker comes free with lots of beverages and that is the easiest solution for you.

Now, you need to add coffee powder, sugar, and chilled milk into the shaker. Start shaking it after 4-5 minutes, add ice cubes into it and again start shaking. Once you feel your coffee has started making foam that means it’s ready to serve.

How to Make Iced Coffee Without Blender

Here you need to follow some simple steps for making ice coffee without a blender 

  1. Take a tall glass or jar and add coffee powder and sugar cubes to that.
  2. Add some warm water into the glass and stir them well until it is dissolved.
  3. Now, add some chilled water into it as per your requirement and balance the sweetness.
  4. In the last step, you need to add milk into it and stir well. Now, your ice tea is ready to serve. Enjoy!

How to Make Cold Coffee with Nescafe Without Blender

Making cold coffee with Nescafe coffee powder is very simple and you need to follow the same process. You need to take a tall glass and add your Nescafe coffee powder with some sugar cubes to that.

Now, stir it well with a spoon or whisk with one tablespoon of milk until they dissolve. Keep stirring the coffee until it changes color, now add the remaining chilled milk into the glass and mix it well.

Pour it into your favorite cup or glass with some ice cubes and enjoy your coffee.

How to Make Homemade Iced Coffee Without Blender

For making ice coffee at home without a blender you will need 1 tbsp of coffee (which is available), 2 tbsp hot water, some ice cubes, milk of your choice, sugar, or sugar-free.


  • Step 1 put 2 tbsp hot water and coffee powder in a tall glass or jar. Mix both the ingredients well.
  • Fill the glass with lots of ice (as much as you want).
  • Now, pour the milk into the glass and mix all of them until they combine.
  • You can add some sugar or can skip it that is optional.
  • Now, your homemade ice coffee with a blender is ready.

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How to Make Cold Coffee Without Ice Cream


Coffee power: Strong coffee powder of your choice.

Milk: Chilled milk for creamy taste and you can use milk of your choice.

Sugar: As we discussed earlier, you can skip this part if you’re a fitness freak. Or else you can add sugar free.

Ice Cubes: Ice cubes you can use as per your requirement.


  1. Put coffee powder, sugar, and milk in a shaker or bottle and shake it for 2 minutes.
  2. Now, add some ice cubes into it and shake this well again until it’s fizzy.
  3. Pour this into a glass now.
  4. What are waiting for now, enjoy!

How to Make Simple Cold Coffee at Home


Milk: Use milk of your choice.

Coffee Granules: Use the coffee powder of your choice.

Sugar: You can also skip this part if you are on diet.

Ice Cubes: Some pieces of ice cubes.

Milk Powder: It will give your coffee a creamy taste. If you have milk powder use it otherwise you can also skip this.


  1. Add 3 tbsp of coffee granules, one and a half tbsp of sugar, and 2 tbsp of warm milk.
  2. Mix all the ingredients well.
  3. Now, add 2 cups of chilled milk, 1 tbsp of milk powder (for creamy texture), and ice cubes as per your preference.
  4. Put everything into a blender (if you do not have a blender use a shaker).
  5. Mix everything well and pour it into a glass or cup.
  6. Serve chilled with some coffee powder on the top.

How to Make Cold Coffee at Home With Machine

It’s pretty simple to make cold coffee at home with the machine. You will need sugar, ice cubes, milk, and coffee powder of your choice. Ice cream is optional, if you want a creamy taste then you can add that.

Cold coffee with machine

I recommend using Vanilla ice cream if you’re using it. Add one tbsp of coffee powder to the machine with two tbsp of hot water then add 2-3 tbsp of sugar as per your taste in the machine.

Then, add some ice into the machine and grind all the ingredients into the machine. Simply use a grinder to grind them. Now, you can add ice cream if you want. Otherwise, your coffee is ready to serve. Enjoy with your family and friends.

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How to Make Cold Coffee Without Milk

This coffee is for fitness lovers because it contains low calories. You will need coffee powder 2 tbsp, sugar or brown sugar 2 tbsp (as per your requirement), water 1 cup or 2 glasses.


  • Boil water in a vessel and add some sugar to it.
  • Add coffee powder to it and let it mix well into the water for one minute.
  • Now, let it cool at room temperature and store it for 3 hours in the freezer.
  • Now, this cold coffee is ready to serve.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How can I make cold coffee without a machine?

  • Add coffee powder, sugar, and ice cubes into a shaker and shake it well for 2 – 3  min.
  • Now, add milk into the shaker and mix it well for 2 mins.
  • Once the coffee starts changing its color and making foam means it’s ready to serve.
  • Cheers.

How do you make cold coffee without a shaker?

Add coffee powder, sugar, and some hot water to a Mug. Now, mix all the ingredients together with the help of a hand whisker. After some time coffee starts changing its color. With some chilled milk serve the coffee.

How do you make iced coffee without a blender or a shaker?

Add 2 tbsp of coffee powder and sugar (as per your requirement), now add two tbsp of milk. Now, mix everything well until the coffee starts changing its color and forming forth.

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