How to Make Instant Iced Coffee Without Blender in 5 Minutes

Are you looking for the best refreshing beverage for this summer or dull days? If yes, you are in right place, a chilled glass of coffee can make you the happy whole day.
Without a blender, it’s very challenging to make the iced coffee at home with the same taste and texture as in a cafe. Today, we have a quick and easy recipe for making ice coffee without a blender. So, let’s not waste more time and learn how to make iced coffee without a blender. If you want to learn How to Make Turkish Coffee click here


For instant coffee, you can use any coffee which is available easily at home. You can also use flavored coffee but sometimes it tastes very weird (if you are not using them regularly).
Sugar: Some people do not like sugar in coffee or tea. So, it’s totally optional for you. Or, you can use brown sugar, coconut sugar other sugar-free.
Chilled Water: You can use ice or chilled water for anyone. But I always use chilled water and I refrigerate this water for half an hour in the fridge before making ice coffee.
Warm Water: Now, you guys are wondering about warm water! Yes, warm water and the reason to use this is that in warm water coffee and sugar dissolve easily, this also makes smooth ice coffee.
Milk: The milk option depends on you, if you are on a fat loss diet then you can use soya milk or toned milk. But if you do not mind extra calories then you can use any easily available milk.
Ice: It depends on you but be careful while using ice because ice can down the taste of your coffee. If you’re using lots of it, use double the amount of coffee you normally use. You can simply use chilled water instead of ice.
Import tip: I recommend using coffee in the ratio of 1:2, which means for one glass of coffee use 2 tablespoons of coffee powder. For those who love strong coffee, you can use 3 tablespoons of coffee powder.

How to Make Perfect Iced Coffee Without Blender at Home

How to Make Iced Coffee Without Blender 1
How to make iced coffee without blender (perfect)? Here are some steps you need to follow: 

  • Take a tall glass, add coffee and some sugar cubes in it (add coffee as per your requirement).
  • Add some warm water (about 3 tablespoons per glass) and mix all the ingredients well until they dissolved.
  • Now, add some chilled water to it and mix all the ingredients well. Taste it and balance the sweetness as per your requirement.
  • Now the final step, add soya or toned milk in it and again stir it well. And, last part add some ice and serve coffee with a straw or drink in a cup.

Tips For Making Iced Coffee Without Blender

You can use any milk in the coffee like skimmed milk or semi-skimmed milk. Some people use full-fat milk which is also ok if you do not count your daily calories.
Soya milk or almond milk is a very good option for those who are into fitness. If you’re talking about coffee then you can use any one easily available at home or market like Bru or espresso.
For more taste, you can use some creme in the coffee. As we already discussed, sugar is optional but you can use brown sugar or white sugar that is up to your preference.

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Can We Make Quick Iced Coffee Without a Coffee Maker?

Yes, you can make quick iced coffee without a coffee maker or any other equipment. You will need all the ingredients put together all of them in a jar and stir until they mixed well.
Adding some cream or milk gives you a creamy taste in coffee. And, pour it into a glass or cup. It always works when you’re in hurry and it will fill you for 3 – 4 hours and give you energy throughout the day.

How to Make Iced Coffee with Nescafe Instant Coffee

This easy recipe will take a maximum of 5 min to prepare. You will need 1 tbsp Nescafe coffee granules, 2 tbsp hot water, ice cubes, milk (of your choice) or cold water, sugar, or other sweeteners (optional).


  • Put hot water and Nescafe coffee together in a jar or tall glass. Mix well until coffee is dissolved in water.
  • Fill the jar or glass with ice.
  • Now, pour cold water or milk into the glass or jar and stir well until they all combine.
  • Add some sugar as per your taste or you can skip it that is optional.

How to Make Iced Coffee with Instant Coffee and Milk

How to Make Iced Coffee With Milk
Let’s have a quick look at the ingredients:

  • Coffee Granules
  • Hot Water
  • Ice
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Milk+Cream


  • Add one tbsp of coffee granules and the same amount of hot water to a tall glass or jar. Mix both of them until they dissolved into the water.
  • Now, add cold water that will cool your coffee and ice won’t melt instantly in your glass.
  • Add ice as per your choice, I filled my cup with it.
  • The final step, add some milk or cream into this and stir all of them well and enjoy your instant coffee.

How to Make Iced Coffee with Ice Cream

How to make iced coffee without blender or with cream, let’s have a quick look at the ingredients:
This recipe only contains four ingredients:

  1. Coffee granules or Espresso
  2. Ice Cream
  3. Milk
  4. Sugar


  • Blend coffee or espresso, milk, sugar, and ice cream in a blender until smooth, start from the low then turn it high to finish.
  • Pour the smooth coffee into a cup and add one scoop of ice cream (of your choice).
  • On the top for topping add some chocolate, cream, or liquor.

Note: Sugar is totally optional in this recipe and as we know ice cream also contains sugar in it.


Brief list of FAQs

How do you make coffee without a blender?

Step 1: Add one tbsp hot water to one tbsp coffee powder then stir it well. Now, add some cold water in it.

Step 2: Pour the coffee into a cup or glass and add some ice cubes and milk or cream in it. And, enjoy your coffee.

How do you make iced coffee without a coffee maker?

Add 1 tbsp coffee powder, sugar, and hot water, stir and mix until they are combined. Add some cream and milk into this and serve with lots of ice.

Can you just add ice to coffee to make iced coffee?

In a glass or cup add brewed coffee and some ice cubes then leave it for some time until your coffee has cooled. Stir, ice and coffee with milk or cream, you can add more ice cubes in it.

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