How to Make Turkish Coffee With and Without Cezve

Making Turkish coffee is unique and enjoyable. Do you want to learn How to Make Turkish Coffee? Fine ground coffee is required to prepare it and a long-handled (cezve) copper or brass pot is needed to serve this.

However, this coffee is drunk in small cups. This coffee has a rich texture because of its brewing style and this brew’s foam on top requires practice. The final product will be a delightful, tasty, and thick drink that you can enjoy with your family, friends, or relatives.

May you don’t have that copper or brass long-handled cup called Cezve in your kitchen. BUT! Don’t panic, we have a solution for this, and today you’re going to learn how to make unique Turkish coffee at home with a home grinder, a small pot, and a strong coffee. So, let’s get started:


Water: Always use cold water, do not try with warm or hot water.

Premium Grind Coffee: Don’t use regular or ordinary coffee in making Turkish coffee. Select a premium quality coffee from a famous brand from the market or online. Otherwise, purchase a fresh coffee from the local store.

Sugar: This is totally optional, choose as per your preference. For taste, you can add 1 to 3 tablespoons of sugar.

1 Cardamom Pod: Add one cardamom pod to the coffee and this gives a rich taste in coffee (a mix of sweet and spicy).

How to Make Turkish Coffee

No special course or skill is required to make Turkish Coffee, you just need to follow these simple following steps:

First, make sure how many people you are preparing this coffee. In general, use one cup of cold water for one person, and two for two people (add as per your requirement). Add the cold water to the small pot cezve.

Second, add premium grind coffee to the pot. But the question is how much? It should be in the ratio of 1:2 which simply means for one cup 2 tablespoons for one cup of coffee.

Turkish coffee in a cup

Now, the third step is to mix coffee and cold water gently together using a tablespoon in the pot cezve. And, add some sweet in the coffee, sugar which is totally optional.

In the final step, place that pot on low heat and let it cook for a while but you should stir this gently three to four times to make sure that it should not be overcooked. Now, add cardamom to the pot and let it boil with water and coffee.

Now, wait for the foam to rise once the rise of the foam means your coffee is about to be ready. Share the coffee in cups.


  • Never use store coffee while making Turkish coffee, we recommend you to use fresh coffee. Store coffee does not produce foams.
  • Always use cold water, do not use warm or hot water.
  • Mix the water and coffee gently in the pot until it mixes well. Don’t mix all ingredients in a hurry.
  • For better taste always cook Turkish coffee on low heat and stir three to four times until it starts rising foams.

How to Serve the Coffee

  • Always serve the eldest guest in the room to show some respect and acknowledge their age.
  • This coffee is always served with chocolate, candy or Turkish delights treats.
  • Never use milk or cream while cooking this Turkish coffee. You will lose the ancient taste in the coffee.
  • Don’t consume more than one cup of coffee a day because this coffee is thicker than filtered coffee.


How to Keep Safe the Coffee:

To keep the coffee safe for a longer period of time to maintain its texture and odor. It’s important to store the coffee in the right way. Here are some tips:

How to store coffee in jar

  • Always keep Turkish coffee away from sunlight, dry and cool is the best place.
  • Store this in a sealed container or airtight glass jar.
  • Never leave anything in the coffee jar like a metal spoon or plastic spoon.
  • Air can dry the coffee if you leave this in an open package.

How to Find Coffee Powder for Cooking:

Medium and dark roast arabica beans are used in making ground Turkish coffee which is easily found in Brazil. Espresso coffee powder is also grind finely but this coffee powder is grind very fine than the espresso.

The home grinder which is available in our home can’t grind coffee beans that fine. So, it’s impossible to grind proper Turkish coffee at home. But you can purchase it from the very recognized shop Kuru Kahveci Mehmet Efendi. To avoid some bitterness in it, you can add some sugar.

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This coffee first appeared in the Ottoman Empire and is very famous as an Ottoman coffeehouse or Ottoman cafe.

In the sixteenth century, it was moved from Egypt then Persia, and then to the Ottoman Empire but this coffee house and coffee drinking originated in Arabia. In 1955, the first coffee shop opened in Istanbul and was founded by two merchants from Damascus.

It was not just a coffee shop, this coffee house offered sweet beverages and candies too. At the end of the nineteenth century, there were more than 2500 shops alone in Istanbul and these shops were the primary hub of interpersonal interactions.

How to Make Turkish Coffee with Milk

Some people still think that Turkish coffee with milk is completely wrong and I also agree with this but you can prepare it and taste it. Making Turkish coffee with milk is easy, you need to take one more step after making this coffee.

Let me tell you how:

You will need cold milk here and add some sugar (optional) into it, mix both of them in a pot with a spoon. Now, add one tablespoon of premium Turkish coffee and mix all ingredients gently for 2 to 3 minutes.

Then, put the coffee pot on the gas or stove but make sure the flame should be low. Now, wait for the coffee until it starts foaming, once it has foam remove it from the gas and serve it in the cups with some chocolate.

How to Make Turkish Coffee Without Cezve or Ibrik

Ibrik is a very famous pot for making Turkish coffee, this cezve is narrow from the top and wide from the bottom. A long wooden handle is attached to it for safety purposes.

This Ibrik or cezve is made of stainless steel, copper, or other materials. But everyone can’t have this cezve pot in their kitchen, if you do not have it, it’s fine you can prepare this simply in a simple pot.

Add some water, sugar (optional), and premium Turkish coffee to a kettle and boil it and then simply pour it into the cups. Now enjoy your Turkish coffee.

How to Make Turkish Coffee With an Ibrik

As we already discussed how you can make Turkish coffee without ibrik but if you want to taste real Turkish coffee then you must use ibrik or cezve. Ibrik is narrow at the top which helps to raise the signature foam of this coffee.

Turkish Coffee Ibrik

How to make:

  • Put coffee and water in the ibrik and stir well before putting the pot onto the gas.
  • Place the pot on the gas on medium heat, you can add some sugar that is optional.
  • Once you find foam on the top of the ibrik means your coffee is ready to serve.
  • Make sure not to stir the coffee once you pour that into the cups.
  • Now, you can serve this traditional coffee with some chocolate or other sweets.



Brief list of FAQs

How do they make Turkish coffee?

Add cold water and premium coffee powder into the ibrik or pot and stir this for 2 – 3 minutes before putting the pot onto the gas. Now, add some sugar as per your requirement or you can skip it. Let the coffee boil on medium heat, once you find the foam coming on top of the pot means your coffee is ready. Pour it into the cups and enjoy it with your family and relatives.

What makes Turkish coffee different?

Turkish coffee is not the normal coffee like espresso medium and dark roast arabica beans are used in making ground Turkish coffee which is only available in Brazil. Turkish coffee powder is grind very fine than espresso. Cezve, which is a copper or brass pot, traditional Turkish coffee only prepared in a cezve. And, one and only the making of this coffee makes it different from other normal coffees.

What is the ratio of coffee to water for Turkish coffee?

It should be in the ratio of 1:2 which simply means for one cup 2 tablespoons for one cup of coffee.

Why is Turkish coffee so strong?

Turkish coffee has a higher amount of caffeine and it comes from the dark and medium roast beans that grow in a special environment. Coffee powder sits in the bottom of the cup and remains unfiltered which is also a reason for this coffee to be so strong.

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