How to Reinforce and Stabilize Bed Frame Slats

An unstable bed frame can make you frustrated and especially when you bring a new mattress to your home. Nothing is more disturbing than those wiggle and squeaky sounds when you make sudden movements.

Buying a new bed frame and spending hundreds of dollars is not the smart move. There are many other alternative ways where you can reinforce your bed frame and save your money.

One thing you have to keep in your mind, over time wooden bed parts start losing or separating. But don’t worry you will learn today how to reinforce your bed frame. This article will help you to keep your bed frame sturdy and stable for years to come.

So, let’s get started:

What Materials Are Required? 

The good news is you don’t need a range of materials or equipment to fix your bed frame. You will require only a drill, 1-inch screws, and needless to say, your bed frame. Also, you can go with the second-hand bed frame.

What you need to do with the above equipment to reinforce your bed frame, you will learn in the following text. 

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Tighten Bed Frame Screws

If your bed frame bobbles when you make a sudden movement then might be the problem with the screws. The common reason behind the wobbly and squeaky bed is loose screws and slats.

So, make sure you should check the bed from top to bottom (even the legs). You can easily fix them with the help of a screwdriver or a wrench. 

Add Bed Slats


How to Reinforce Bed Frame 1

Two things you see in the bed frame, the first bed frame comes without slats and the second one is it comes with wooden or metal stats.

Whatever the scenario is adding more bed slats makes your bed more supportive. You can buy these slats in a specialized store or another option is you can make them on your own. How?

Let me guide you. You will need to purchase a wooden board and measure the slat length, now cut them with the help of a saw. Cut the slats as many as needed to support, it’s a time taking process but this is the professional way to do this. 

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Replace the Centre Beam

The Centre beam is bent in many bed frames and you must fix this issue. If somehow you find out that the center beam is creating a problem in your bed frame, get rid of it and go for better support.

The first thing you need to unscrew it from the frame and the second thing you need to purchase good quality hardwood for durability.

Now, you will have to measure the center beam and cut the wooden board in the same length and width as the center beam. You might need to change the legs that are attached to your old frame.

You can buy them from the store or cut them from the same wooden board. Next, you need to drill the screws to attach the legs to the center beam.

Take Care of the Joints

Due to our movement bed joints often shifts or loosen up. But you can fix this problem by simply hammering the joints. Pro tip: always cover the bed frame with clothes or a towel before hitting, with the beetle that will prevent damage. 

How to Reinforce a Bed Frame (Wooden)

The most common type of issue in wooden frames people face is loose joints. Those beds that experience more movement (sexually active couple) become wobbly because of the loose joints.

Getting back the joints to their place back, the easiest way is to learn how to reinforce a bed frame. You can replace the center beam and add slats to reinforce the bed frame.

Replacing some parts can make your frame sturdier. Also, you can add a plywood layer under the matters that can reinforce the support also. Corner braces are also a good option for wooden bed frames. 

How to Reinforce a Bed Frame (Metal)

The loose joint is not a big issue in metal bed frames, they are specially designed for overweight people. And these beds experience big loads that lead them to loose screws.

That means if you are using a metal frame then you have to tighten up the screws regularly to reinforce the bed frame. You can also add extra legs to reinforce the bed.

Adding more slats and extra beams can also be helpful in reinforcement. Lubricate connecter can be useful if your bed is making a squeaky noise

How We Can Fix the Broken Bed

If you have not done your reinforcement part that might end up breaking your bed frame. Now your bed has broken and you have to deal with a broken bed frame. But don’t worry we are here to help you to fix this. You need to follow these simple steps in order to fix your broken bed. 

  • First thing remove the matters from the bed frame and leave all the slats in their place. Now, with the help of a screwdriver open a split from inside. Once you open a split, take out wood chips or extra splinters. 
  • Purchase a wood glue from a nearby store and spread around the crack part with a flat or putty knife. 
  • Use a bar to separate the two split ends and hold them together to make sure the glue sticks and holds the split together.
  • The next day when everything will be dry, now from the inside calculate the length of the split and add another 6 inches to it.
  • With the help of a saw cut a piece of scrap wood with the calculation you have just taken. 
  • Now, use a drill machine to drill the holes in the scrap wood which you cut and keep these holes lurched (not straight)
  • On one side of the scrap wood apply some glue and put it inside the split. Drill a few pilot holes and leave the frame to dry overnight.
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