How to Soundproof a Room Cheaply and From Outside Noise

Our homes should be peaceful, and quiet which can make our life more peaceful. Most of us think that making a room soundproof is the job of a professional contractor but trust me you can do it on your own.

Nowadays after the pandemic working from home has become popular, and people working from home are searching to build a quiet environment.

Where they can work peacefully and complete their task without any distractions of noise from outside traffic, noisy kids, or loud neighbors. And, after a long working day, you will want to relax and enjoy better sleep.

Today in the article you will learn tips on how to soundproof a room. Let’s not waste more time and start your DIY soundproof tips:

Why To Soundproof Your Room

The first reason we already discussed if you are working from home then you must need a peaceful environment to complete your office task.

But if you want to record songs, play music, or record a podcast then you will have to soundproof your room to protect your neighbors from noise.

Soundproofing work in two ways, it prevents sound from coming from outside and also stops sound from going outside the room. If you have a bigger room or space then you have to install a soundproof room divider with a door.

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How to Soundproof a Room Cheaply

window curtains

All we know sound bounces off of blank walls and hard surfaces like hard flooring. Just adding natural decor and furniture to your room can reduce unwanted sounds in the room.

Using window curtains is the cheapest way to create a visual barrier against outside noise. Also, these curtains help to absorb noise from inside the room.

Apart from the curtains, adding rugs in your space can mask the sound coming from neighbors in the apartment. Another cheap way to mask the sound is to use upholstered furniture in your space.

Upholstered furniture absorbs the sound and prevents it from bouncing in the room. Instead of upholstered furniture, you can use blankets and pillows in your area. 

How to Soundproof Floor

Sound bounces off the hard floor and you can’t avoid your floor if you’re planning to make your room soundproof. If you have a hard surface then the quick and easiest way is to put a rug on your floor but make sure you cover your entire floor.

These rugs will quickly show you the result and will reduce incoming and outgoing noise. Thick rugs are better than thin rugs but you can rug pad for additional sound protection.

Remember, you don’t need to make your room soundproof if there is no room below you. 

How to Soundproof the Window

The window is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about incoming or outgoing noise.


This is the easiest way for sound to come inside and go outside. You can hang noise-cancellation curtains made of thick fabric on your windows.

Weatherstripping is also another good option, seal the window with weatherstripping (plastic or steel). Blankets could be another cheap option for windows.

You will need to add blankets to your window and that will reduce the sound. These solutions will reduce sound vibration by 50 percent or more. 

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How to Soundproof a Walls

how to make soundproof walls

Here are some simple quick fixes for soundproofing your room’s walls. First thing furniture, for example, if you have a bookshelf or large wardrobe push this near to your wall from where the noise is coming.

Furniture absorbs the sound and will help to reduce the noise in the room. Wallpaper is also a good option to make the walls soundproof.

Soundproof wallpapers are made of sound-absorbent that suppress noise. Find out the minor problems in your walls and fix them instantly.

Such as any gaps or cracks in the walls and fix them with sealant. Choose a sealant that can you paint over to match the color of your walls if you are planning to repaint.

Best Ways to Soundproof a Room

There are many ways to soundproof a room but if you are on a tight budget then you can go with the following options:

Extra Drywall: This is one of the best and budget-friendly options for you, this is a dense material that stops the noise in its track. Adding a thick second layer of drywall is actually building a sound-deading fence. You can repaint the new dry walls. 

The Caulk: Sound is like water, it can flow like water. Now, you have filled all the gaps and holes with acoustical caulk. This way you can fix your gaps and holes and can stop the leaking of sound. 

Soundproofing Foam: This product is cheap yet effective, this foam is available in various colors. This foam can add a stylish look to your room. 

How to Soundproof a Room in An Apartment

If you are getting distracted or annoyed by your neighbors or traffic noise then you will need to make your apartment soundproof. Here is some simple room addition that can save you from outside noise:

Add Carpet and Rug: All we know sound reflect off the ground and project around the room or apartment. Carpet and rug are sound-absorbed materials that absorb the sound and minimize the echo. 

Seal Your Door: Noise enters the room or apartment usually from the front door. In a busy gallery, the noise will find its way to get in your room through tiny gaps and holes. Apply budget-friendly pipe insulation foam to the base of the door. This will be your noise cancellation deal.

Soundproof Curtains: The best way to soundproof your window add soundproof curtains (noise can enter from the window). These curtains are designed to block out sound. Investing in soundproof curtains is a brilliant idea.

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How to Soundproof a Room From Outside Noise

Traffic Noise

Home is where you can enjoy peace and quiet, you escape from the outside world to experience cheerful moments. But you get distracted when you hear outside traffic or neighbor noise. But do worry we have some solutions here to make your room soundproof from outside noise. 

Soundproof the Air Vents:  Air vents have large holes for fresh air but this is also a way through which noise comes from outside into the room. You will need to block the holes with filler spray or else drywall the gap entirely. 

Work on Your Windows: The biggest culprit is windows when we are talking about outside noise. It could be any reason like holes in the frames or gaps. You can add some soundproof curtains to avoid outside noise. 

Add Caps to Chimneys: Add a cap to your chimney because outside noise directly comes into your room through chimneys. 

How to Soundproof a Room for Gaming

Everyone loves playing video games, whether you played video games in childhood or teenage. It’s frustrating when you listed the sound coming from the outside or going outside. Here are some ideas for making your room soundproof for gaming: 

Soundproof Blanket: These soundproof blankets are highly effective and can be moved easily anywhere in the room. Once they are hanging on the door or somewhere else, they won’t allow sound to pass through them. Sound panels are costly but these blankets are effective and budget friendly. 

Seal the Cracks: We all know that walls can crack easily and they also need some treatment if you are planning to make your room soundproof. Sealing the cracks in the room is easy to fix and worth it because this might be the last work you need to do to make your gaming room soundproof. 

Gaming Headset: If everything seems like time taking and problematic then this is the easiest way to soundproof a gaming room. The gaming headset will stop the sound coming from outside as well as going outside your room. These headsets come with many different features and prices like noise cancellation features. 

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How to Soundproof a Room for Music

How to soundproof a room for music

Whether you are a voice actor, screen actor, musician, or record music at home, you will need room for top sound quality. You will need a soundproof room and here are some ways that can help you.

Acoustic Panels: This is the best way to soundproof a music room, it’s a bit expensive (depending on size and quality). Acoustic panels are superb in absorbing the unwanted sound coming from outside and going outside. These panels are lightweight and you can hang them on the wall like art. You will need to hang these panels opposite the source of the sound for better results. 

Modify the Doors: To modify the door, you will need the weatherstrip. Did you ever hear about weatherstrip? This weatherstrip is made with a plastic or steel batten look that can fix the bottom of any door. This thing will help to prevent unwanted sounds coming from outside under the door. 

Decoupling: With decoupling, you can minimize the sound that travels across your building. Most walls are built by connecting two pieces of drywall to one stud. In these cases, any noise spread from the stud to the other side.

Questions & Answers

What is the most effective way to soundproof a room?

Acoustic panels are one of the most effective ways to soundproof a room because they absorb unwanted sound. Add soundproof curtains on your window and add weatherstrip on the doors. For the floor add thick rugs to make your floor soundproof. 

How can I make my room quieter from outside noise?

Add a layer of drywall or else you can use sealant to fill the gaps and cracks in the wall. Fix the door with weathering strips and reduce the coming noise from outside. Also, add furniture in your room like upholstered furniture or a bookshelf, etc. 

How do you stop noise through walls?

The simplest and easiest way is to add another layer of drywall around ½ ” to ⅝” to your existing wall. This will stop the noise through a wall. Sound-damping tiles could be another good option and also style your room like an office. 

Can you cheaply soundproof a room?

Add natural decor and furniture in your room or apartment they will absorb the sound. Soundproof curtains create a sound visual barrier to outside noise. Fill all the cracks and gaps, this will also help to reduce the neighbore noise.

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