Which Cutting Board is Best Wood or Plastic?

Knives and cutting boards are companions in the kitchen but we don’t give preference to the cutting board. This is the primary workplace where you cut your raw chicken, and chop your onions and tomatoes.

The plastic cutting board you may have seen in various colors and wood cutting board in various designs. BUT we always think about which cutting board is best wood or plastic?

However, both have their advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s not waste time and dive deeper to choose the best cutting board for your kitchen or restaurant.

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What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Plastic Cutting Board?

Plastic cutting board

Benefits or Good

Lightweight & Small-Size: Plastic cutting boards are made with strong material but they are thinner than wood which makes them space efficient. You can easily place two or maybe three plastic cutting bored in the space where one wooden cutting board might take up. Another benefit is these plastic boards are lightweight and can easily move to the sink, dishwasher, or other places wherever you want. 

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Easy in Sanitization and Cleaning: Plastic cutting boards are easy to clean and sanitize but on the safer side I would say wooden cutting boards are safer (in concern of harmful bacteria). You don’t require regular oiling on a plastic cutting board but for wooden you will need that. 


Damage the Knives: A plastic cutting board may damage your knife more rapidly than wood. Also, these knives scratch the cutting board after that it can be hard to clean and bacteria can grow in the crevices. You will find you have to purchase a knife before buying a new plastic cutting board. 

Not Long-Lasting: Plastic cutting boards are available on market in various colors and designs but they are not long-lasting. They lose their charm early in comparison to wooden cutting boards. Also, plastic boards don’t have the capacity to tolerate of regular wear and tear, which is why they replace often.

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What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Wooden Cutting Board?

Wooden cutting board

Benefits or Good

Grasp Lesser Bacteria: Raw foods, veggies, and raw meat contain bacteria while cutting on the cutting board. However, the researcher found that wooded boards hold the lesser bacteria than plastic boards. The knife can not damage and scratch the wooden board, so bacteria can’t hide in the crevices. Also, the wooden board is easy to sanitize. 

Durable: A good cutting board can last for a long time period, not for a lifetime. Two types of wooden cutting boards are available in the market, hardwood, and softwood. Hardwood boards are made of bamboo, oak, or maple that won’t damage easily as plastic cutting boards. Softwood wooden board won’t dull your knife edges as quickly as plastic. You can use them for a longer period of time. 

Knife Friendly: As we know that plastic cutting boards dull the blades of the knife much more quicker. Always keep your wooden cutting board polished on a regular basis that will be good for your knives. And, the surface of the wooden boards is hard but does not decrease the sharpness of the knife. 

Easy to Maintain: It’s very important to maintain your cutting board every day, no matter how often you are using it. The wooden cutting board is easy to maintain because it’s easy to clean. Also, these boards hold a less number of bacteria on their surface. Not maintaining the cutting board can lead you and your family to serious illness. 

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Heavyweight: All we know is that wooden cutting boards are heavyweight and thick which means it is hard to move them from one place to another. The wooden cutting board is recommendable for those who people who cook the food daily not often. It’s hard to store because they are heavy than the plastic wooden board

Extra Time to Clean: Wooden cutting board needs extra time and effort to clean and maintain. You can’t clean them into the dishwasher and allow them to soak in the water, it can shorten their life. High heat will damage the wooden board quickly. Once the board is dry, give a nice and gentle wash under the warm running water. Mineral oil is also the most important thing to increase the life of the wooden cutting board.

Expensive: I think this is the biggest disadvantage of wooden cutting boards, they are more expensive than plastic cutting boards. You will have to extra bucks for extended use.  The wooden cutting board is available at different prices because of their quality of wood. Also, Bamboo cutting boards available in the market are less expensive than wooden boards.

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